About Me




Born : South of England.  Tidworth.   1973


Western Starsign:             Virgo/Libra


Chinese Starsign:              Ox


Home:                             Callian, South of France.


Favourite Movies:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Alien movies - All of them..

Bride of Chucky


Gone with the Wind



White Chicks



Favourite Writers:

Anne Rice, Janet Evanovich, Victor Hugo, Dean Koontz, Christopher Rice, Sue Grafton, Christian Jacqs, Dan brown


Favourite music:       

Almost anything.  Not sure about techno.  Love classics, jazz, Movie soundtracks, Offspring, Tina Turner,  Dany Brillant,


Favourite food:         

Chinese, Mussels, crab, lobster bisque, clam chowder, anything with chocolate, apples, lemon meringue pie.


Favourite Drinks:     

Limoncello, vodka, black coffee, herbal tea, gin fizz, ice tea, cold beer  and red wine.


Favourtie pastime:

Playing Sims2, surfing the Net, talking in chatrooms!


Love all animals but hate flies, fleas and mosquitoes.  Love to write, draw, eat junk food and listen to good music.  Love to Bruno, Mum, Dad, Fran, Steve, Kirsty and of course all the animals....




Carpe Diem - Seize the Day