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This page is for the great game SIMS2!

Most people in the World know of Ea games Simcity etc.  A city creating game.  then came Sims to create your own virtual person with friends, family, life, desires, job etc.  Gosh you even have to make your sims go to the toilet etc.  Lifelike! Finally SIMS2 hit the World and we were all changed.  It's Sims more detailed, with better graphics, better buildings and movie options to create your own viedo lifestyles. Out there are some great sites including Mod the Sims 2 where in its chatroom I have met the strangest, friendliest and coolest bunch of guys and girls on the Net.

Kudos go to:

Lethe, HystericalParoxysm, Delphy, Oriana, Nurrah, Anna, Kathy, Vie, Sweet_kitty, Shonia, Mon_day  and others.......

Create a sim, a life, a home, a job!

Sims 2, Nightlife, University and Open for Business EP packs.

Sims2 is the base game.  Nightlife gives the player restaurants, cars and the ability to become a vampire!  University is self explanatory, take your young sims to Uni, create dorm rooms and prepare them for the future. Open For Business allows your sim to create their own business empire.  What will be next????

My Sim! Cute huh?

I now have a Yahoo group for my sims2 stuff, sims and lots I've created, available for download.