CALLIAN - The small medieval village in the Var district of the South of France where I live.  A small village in the midst of the hills, aprox 30 - 40 minutes from Cannes.  10 minutes from the beautiful Lac St Cassien.


Callian is built around the 12th and 13th century Chateau and also the 12th century Chapelle Penitents.  Leading downhill from these are immediately the Mairie (Town Hall) and beyond that the houses and small businesses of Callian.


The chateau for the most part is in ruins for the most part but on the outer walls further down there are some apartments.  The clock on the main tower still chimes the hour and half hour each day.  At the base of the chateau is Callians lucky charm.  The carved stone visage of a pig or boars head and beside it a small plaque in French which translates as....

            'Rub my snout and forever you will have luck'

The snout of the pig is shiny from people doing just that over the years.  I must confess I have done so myself and it got me a new job so who knows?  Urban myth or????


The catholic church in the village church is a beautiful place to see if not to worship, dedicated to the village Saint of Saint Maxime there is the 'Fete de St Maxime' each year with costumes and a statue of the Saint carried through the village.




Village Services

These are the basics for village life.  There is the Boulanger for daily croissants, baguettes etc.  The Petit Casino which is a small grocery store.  A Tabac/presse which is a newsagents.  Two bars, three restaurants, 'Le Centenaire' 'Au rendezvous' and 'Bellevue'.  There is also a pharmacy, two hairdressers and three art galleries.

For most things I travel outside of the village as its cheaper and more choice such as the big supermarkets of 'Leclerc' and 'Intermarche' plenty of snack bars, bars and the video rental shops.



In the area...

There are several places to visit both close and a little further afield. 

Lac St Cassien - a manmade lake of great size and beauty where you can swim etc.  Restaurants here range from cheap to Woah!!!

Frejus and St Raphael - coastal towns for clubs, nights out etc, about an hours drive.

Bars like 'Tahoma' & 'Latitude' are close by.

Grasse, Cannes and more are close enough to spend an idle day as well.




Home Sweet Home