Magick is everywhere around us.



Magick, sorcery, whatever your term for it, this indefinable substance is all around us.  Not like the television would show us in 'Sabrina' or 'Bewitched' but in subtle ways of nature and practice.


My own personal studies into witchcraft, the occult and whatever really began when I was 18 and with my sister and some friends in an area of Newcastle upon Tyne called simply 'The Green'.   This area is known for its gothic, alternative shops and crowds of young people that hang out.  Here I met some people who after looking at how I was dressed (blazer, slacks and a shirt) dragged me into 'Kathmandu', a shop I often frequented after that with its collections of fabulous clothes, incense and jewellery.  Since my first visit there is now a 'Kathmandu 2' only a few doors away from the original, the faces of the Goths and New Age people have changed in the Green but the spirit remains the same.


Here I saw my first real pack of tarot cards and went on to buy my own pack and my interest into the occult and witchcraft began.


My own studies and interests lead me to utilising several different methods and beliefs in magick.  My personal Grimoire (Book of Shadows) contains spells and charts from Wicca, Herbalism, crystallomancy, voodoo, angel magick, candle magick and more.  I don't believe that only one method is correct, I believe that if you truly want magick to work and succeed then you can use different methods for different purposes and it seems to have worked for me both in theory and practice.


I give my prayers to Goddess and Consort if I truly follow a religion, the Goddess as she is as Mother Nature, Gaia, Demeter or even the Virgin Mary of Christian belief.  The consort is nature or the force of magick in its masculine form. 


My studies have also incorporated, Hindu and Buddhist studies as well as increasing my love of Grecian and Egyptian studies, magick and myth.









For the good of all - So mote it be