C'est moi, C'est la vie.


Hi there, sit a while....

Having reached the grand old age of 31, I  had friends and penpals ask me about my life, loves and travels that I have finally decided to create this website just to try and help their curiosity. Now I'm 33 (Yikes how time flies!) and the website is still going strong.

I was born in the South of England of an English father and an English mother with Spanish ancestry.  From my mother I got penetrating brown eyes, thick black hair and my height and build.  From my father I got premature grey hair and a quick temper.   I am the oldest of two children, my sister Frances being happily married to the lovely Steve and they live well together, an interesting couple with Steves daughter Kirsty.  I should point out at this juncture that I am a gay man, my partner Bruno being French and a damned good reason to be in France apart from the sunshine, good food, etc.  The last members of my family are Cas (German Shepherd)  Theresa (Cat) both in England and in France the lovely Skippy, Jimbo and Winnie (Dogs) plus Minette, Mr. Cheung and Debbie. (Cats)

My site is designed to show me, my loves, interests and give my outlook on life in general.
Amongst my many loves are animals, I seem to love animals more than ever.  I can honestly say that the more people I meet, the more I love animals.  Animals give back what they receive, if you are cruel to an animal they take time to forgive you but when they love you then it is wonderful, a strong love that few people can give.
I love to travel and have been fortunate to do so quite a lot in my life, first when I was a child as my father was an Army soldier in the Royal Army medical corps and thereafter by personal choice.  I have taken in such cities as San Francisco and Miami in the US and Colombo, Singapore, Cairo in the rest of the World.  I love to read from the great works of Shakespeare, Dickens etc to books on mythology, witch craft, and trashy novels.  Also those I consider modern greats like Anne Rice and Dean Koontz.  I enjoy swimming and live near a large fresh water lake in France where I swim as often as possible.  Other details about me are in ... funnily enough .. the section ABOUT ME.
I love to receive mail from people so don't be shy, if you found this site then mail me.  Or sign my Guestbook at least.



Cassius - my baby and my brother. I'll miss you!

Greetings to everyone....